All of the jewelry sold through the online store is made by ten wonderful and inspiring women, all of whom are suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV.  These women elected to start their own business, Wapendo, in order to help bring in an income for themselves and their families.  Wapendo is a registered business in Nairobi, Kenya, focused on the fashioning of authentic Kenyan jewelry.  All materials are bought and made in Kenya.  Children of Bungoma purchases jewelry from Wapendo, in order to futher promote this group of talented women.  



The women who create these beautiful pieces of art have all been infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  Each women has their own, unique story about their journey with HIV but they all come together to form one, incredible team.  This team of women, lead by the founder, Monica Akinyi, helps to ensure a steady income for the women.  Their income is used on the essentials: rent, food and education.  

Kibera Slum - The Largest Urban Slum in Africa.

Kibera Slum - The Largest Urban Slum in Africa.


The jewelry is first bought, wholesale, by Children of Bungoma, from Wapendo.  By buying the jewlery, Children of Bungoma supports Wapendo goals in the following ways:

Rent - All of the women pay 1,000 shillings (about $12) a month on rent.  

Food - While food is important for anyone, food is more important to these women and they must eat everyday.  The women are on Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), which are important in controlling HIV infection from becoming AIDS.  However, the ARVs are better able to provide the appropriate results if the person ingesting has eaten, preferably well-rounded meals.

Education - All of the women in the program have children.  While public schooling has been deemed 'free' by the national government, families are still required to pay for such items as uniforms, school supplies and exams.  

Children of Bungoma then sells the jewelry online.  All (100%) of the profits from the online store then go directly to Children of Bungoma.  

Therefore, when you purchase jewelry, you are supporting the missions of both Children of Bungoma and Wapendo!