9 Items We're Bringing Back From Bungoma.png

Starting in December, we will have NEW PRODUCT in our Children of Bungoma store!  These new items will be purchased directly from our neighbors, in Bungoma.  We strive to directly support our local economy, while bringing you authentic and one-of-a-kind international pieces. 

 Follow us on Instagram from November 15th to 30th to help us choose which items to bring back to the states, watch your items made live and much more!

 We can’t wait to share a little bit of Bungoma, Kenya and Africa with you!

1.       Earrings

Historically our most popular item.  We are still working on finding the right fit for you all.  Stay tuned for pictures directly from Kenya.  We’re going to be asking you to vote on some of the items and we will bring back your favorite ones!

2.       Necklaces

3.       Bracelets

4.       Key Chains

5.       Pocket Knives

6.       Belts

And custom-made too!

7.       Artwork

8.       Bags

9.       Small dishes