Children of Bungoma has been around now for 7 years!  7 years, can you believe it?!  I started this little dream at the age of 20 and haven’t stopped.  These kids are truly the most amazing group of humans I have ever met and came to me asking for help.  There was no way I could turn them away, so I’ve worked seven long and exhausting years to give them everything I think we can all agree they deserve. 

I haven’t done this alone though and I cannot continue to do it on my own.  The kids rely on YOU to support them in a variety of ways.  Whether you have time and money, one or the other or even neither, YOU have shown us the love and given in so many ways.  Many people have asked me how best they can help and really, it’s quite simple. 

Just follow these 4 easy asks:

1.       Interact With Us On Social Media

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We can’t do what we do without you!  Even if you don’t have the funds to help us, that’s okay!  Just spread the word about us and what we do. 

2.       Educate, Advocate and ASK!

Learn more about our cause.  Why do we do what we do?  How is our nonprofit different than others?  What do we even do?  What are the best ways to help? 

Use our social media sites and website to learn more about the answers to these questions and much more.  Do you have something you are wondering about?  ASK US!  Interact with us.  Email us at or message us on Facebook.  And then spread your newly acquired knowledge to others. 

3.       Support the Local Economy, in Bungoma

If I’ve learned anything through the process of making Children of Bungoma what it is today, the most important is that the Kenyans know what they’re doing!  The issue is that they have a corrupt government, lending to extreme poverty.  We’ve learned that what is best for helping those experiencing poverty is to help them help themselves.  But you’re asking, can you please give me some specifics? 

Sure!  We want to start by giving directly to organizations that we trust and that are following this model of independence.  But we want to give money.  That’s right, perhaps in your local organizations you give blankets to the local emergency shelter or coloring supplies to the local after school program.  However, international nonprofits are different.  Instead we want to give international nonprofits money to buy these items in the country the nonprofit is operating. 

We take your donations and put it back into the economy where the kids live.  We buy all of the items the children need right there in their community, we rely on our local caretakers, send the children to local school, and do much more to support our local economy, peoples and agriculture.

Learn more about this topic in the wonderful Wangari Maathai's book, The Challenge for Africa. It's one of my favorites!

4.       Set up Recurring Donations

Interested in giving to us on a regular basis?  Well we’ve got that all set up for you!

Choose the amount you would like to give every day, week, month or year, etc.  You can feel comforted that you are consistently putting out something good into the world.  And we’ve made it so easy!  Just go to our DONATION page!

And don’t forget that any amount counts.  $1 pays for tomatoes for the day.  $5 pays our monthly electric bill.  $10 pays for a school uniform.  The list can go on and trust me, every little bit counts!